Influencer Sheridan Mordew during her This Morning interview (left) and Dubai photoshoot (right). Credit: ITV.

In the midst of a pandemic, influencers have taken it upon themselves to graciously travel abroad in order to keep us motivated and united in these troubling times. An interview on This Morning with influencer Sheridan Mordew provoked national outrage after she claimed that her trip to Dubai- and by extension, all travel that influencers have undertaken during the pandemic- is ‘essential’ as her fitness videos keep her followers motivated. So, let’s start with a definition and then see where that relates to the role of influencers.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘essential’ is defined as “necessary or needed”. The…

Willem Defoe and Brooklynn Prince as Bobby and Moonee. (Credit: Boston Herald)

The Florida Project is a Sean Baker directed drama film showcasing a fictionalised yet realistic portrayal of a single mother and her daughter as part of the ‘hidden homeless’ living in the Magic Castle budget motel just outside of Walt Disney World. Willem Dafoe, Brooklynn Prince, and Bria Vinaite are the main cast members, playing motel owner Bobby, six-year-old Moonee, and single mother Halley, respectively. The visuals are bright and inviting, yet contrast harshly with the realities of a life where the main characters are only ever one small step ahead of homelessness. …

Credit: Getty Images/iStock Photo

On the 3rd of March, 33-year-old Sarah Everard was walking home from her friend’s house in Clapham at 9pm on a journey that should have only taken about 50 minutes, but she never made it home. Cases like this, involving kidnapping and murder, are what women often fear the most when we find ourselves walking alone at night, and Sarah is a tragic, unfortunate reminder that we don’t fear these situations happening for no reason. It’s scarily easy for us to see ourselves in her shoes.

Perhaps the most important thing for us to understand from this is that precautions…

Crossroads (Getty Images)

2020 was the year the world stood still, so it’s not surprising that a great deal of change has taken place over the last twelve months. For some people, this was the perfect time to start a small business from home, for others it meant working overtime and tirelessly working to make sure the country could access food and healthcare. For me, this meant a significant amount of time was spent stressing about uni assignments and trying to figure out a concrete plan for my future.

I started university in September of 2019, and have always been open about the…

Daphne Bridgerton (Credit: Netflix)

Like 63 million other people, I quickly fell in love with Netflix’s period drama series ‘Bridgerton’- caught up in the stunning 1800s outfits, regal settings, and a fanfiction-worthy enemies-to-lovers trope. The central storyline follows society’s most prestigious families presenting their young debutantes at the start of a season dedicated to arranging a marriage that will hopefully further their position in society. Daphne, the eldest Bridgeton daughter, and Simon, the Duke of Hastings, agree to pretend to court so that Daphne can attract new, jealous suitors, and Simon can have respite from the desperate women trying to persuade him to propose…

(BBC: A Monster Calls)

TW: mentions of terminal illness, death, and bullying.

A Monster Calls, the dark fantasy drama film based on the novel by Patrick Ness and inspired by the ideas of Siobhan Dowd, follows a young boy, Conor, as he comes to terms with his mother’s terminal illness and is visited nightly by a yew tree that tells him three stories. The stories that the tree shares are based on princes, apothecaries, and an invisible man, with each story’s aim being to teach Conor an important lesson. …

(Background image: iStock. Email image: Wildheart Media)

Email content has been getting steadily more apocalyptic, so here is a definitive timeline from ‘see you very soon’ to ‘I hope you survive stepping outside tomorrow”.

March 2020: Believing this was all temporary.

My local club emailed me on the 21st March, sharing their condolences that they would need to close for a few weeks, but would throw a massive welcome-back party after the ‘temporary goodbye’. The email continued its rose-tinted glasses type view for the remainder of the email, before signing off with: “we look forward to seeing you very soon*”, “hosting one hell of a welcome back…

Grace and Jamie (Credit: Hope Gap)

TW: mentions of suicide.

Hope Gap, the William Nicholson directed 2019 drama film, explores Grace, the main character, reacting to her husband’s sudden announcement that he wants a separation the week before their 29th year anniversary. This surprisingly thought-provoking film navigates several important topics, namely death, loneliness, and life’s purpose, set against a backdrop of the Sussex coastline.

“I try not to think of you at all. I’m getting quite good at it, during the day. But at night I dream about you. Unfair, isn’t it?”- Grace

Grace, played by Annette Bening, has one clear need throughout the film: sincerity…

Season two poster for His Dark Materials (Credit: BBC)

Spoilers for seasons one and two of His Dark Materials throughout!

Before starting His Dark Materials, I had no idea that I’d become so hooked on a show about a girl with a magic compass and a talking ermine, yet I ended up falling down a TV show rabbit hole and watching both seasons in a day (I don’t know whether to be impressed or embarrassed by this). The show, based on the book trilogy by Phillip Pullman, follows two teenagers, Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, as they navigate a multi-world reality and overcome the various dangers present in each…

(Credit: GPOINTSTUDIO, Getty Images)

It goes without saying that this year was a year unlike any other. Lockdowns, isolations, fear, anxiety, and illness all played central parts in sculpting the way we will remember 2020 for the rest of our lives. That’s why I, like countless others, struggled to find my Christmas spirit- but I’m grateful for it. Here’s why.

Normally, my family, and I’m sure this goes for the majority of people, rarely all find time to be together. Work, school, timetables, meeting up with friends, going out at night, and many other things mean that we would never find time for the…

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